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UPDATE — Android version is now available, and Student Union's Kickstarter IS NOW LIVE!


Lane is in trouble and needs work, ASAP.  At the kick-off of his final year of high school, he turns to asking the faculty for help.  The assistant principal Mr. Underwood recommends a unique solution: form and lead a student organization dedicated to the support and maintenance of the institution.  However, Lane must convince at least four other students to join the group before the end of the week.

Underneath this pretext he quickly learns the school administration is more sinister than it seems, that great danger lies within the school walls, and that the group he’s forming may be more necessary than he realized.

Your choices guide Lane through this dark drama and romance as shifting pressures form, strain, and shatter strong bonds.  Found a student government, recruit members, and struggle to maintain them in the face of unexpected challenges and danger.


  • Over 40 hours of gameplay
  • 5 - 7 character routes divided among major branching plot routes
  • Over 10 endings guided by player choice, and one hidden ending
  • Over 30 backgrounds and over 50 illustrations, each with multiple lighting and contextual variations
  • Over 50 original tracks in a two-disc OST
  • Optional 18+ content


This demo includes the first ~2 hours of the game, depending on your choices.   It demonstrates the thesis and provides a strong introduction to the major branching paths to come.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: This game demo is meant for a mature audience and includes strong language, tobacco use, and graphical/textual depictions of violence.  Player discretion is advised.

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I was finally able to figure out how to get both Rosalyn's and Natasha's endings, I wish there was some logical way to convince them both; cliffhanger blew my damn mind, I'm looking forward to the full release!



I have to admit, i really disliked the way this game went. The pushover main character who takes his best friends loyalty for granted. All his other friends are either annoying or treat him like hes some kind of child. Nothing goes the way this guy wants it to go and when he realises that he has to work alongside the guy who beat him concussions for no real reason you'd think that a normal person would just give up and say "the money isn't worth it". But for some reason he persists. It was at this moment i felt extremely frustrated at all the unanswered questions and the unfairness of how the main character is being treated. However, the plot twist at the end really ties it all together and makes for an excellent cliff hanger. I still have questions but I am no longer frustrated. I look forward to playing the full game. I do hope the devs realise that many of the characters are really hate-able. (the art does not look like a demo it looks like its from a fully released polished game, and the blinking animations really add to that, great job!)


when is the next update i would love to continue the game

Does the demo also have different 'Endings' already? 

Also, this gives me some Doki Doki Vibes, takes some dark turns in between. Very interesting.

Music, art and the diversity and detail when it comes to the backgrounds is just stunning.

Really didn't expect the twist at the end! I thought this would be a boring slice-of life/romance/school drama but boy I was wrong. The start is rather slow though. Art is gorgeous, in fact I happen to know this VN because of the artist lol

-Made a Video. (Just The Demo)

"nice story, can't wait for the full game!"

I just got this and I'm honestly surprised this takes place in my home state.


Update: I hate alice


Just curious, is there multiple endings in the demo or just the one?

Great game btw

Well, do you plan to make it a paid game when it's fully released or just make it free?

Also, any plan for future translations?

So... When is the full game gonna be released?

April 2022 is the gameplan! :) Take a look at the Kickstarter for more info: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/visualnovelvillage/student-union-a-dark-drama-visual-novel

636 MB e 40 ore sembra molto interessante,ma non c'è la lingua italiana,vi prego di mettere la lingua italiana vi prego

No Italian translation is on the horizon just yet, but we'll see what our resources can allow! It's a long road and a lot can happen. Fingers crossed. :)

Deleted 34 days ago

this was sooooooooo coool cant wiat for when its done BIG CLIFF HANGER!




absolute god tier VN, the ending made me want more, can't wait for the full release


One of the best VNs demos that has a Higurashi-type vibe to it. I really love what your team has created, I'll be posting a review on my blog to help spread the word about your game. I can't wait for the full release, you've definitely got my backing!


Just finished the demo, I am SO glad that I looked into this after seeing a YouTube ad for it~~ The art looks really polished, and I really like the characters' designs and how they're fleshed out so far. After the suspenseful ending I'm left wanting more, really enjoyed the description in the writing. The pacing is spot on. You have my KickStarter backing, really looking forward to the release. This demo is very worth checking out if you haven't already


Great game; I enjoyed every minute. I look forward to the full release.


This my second visual novel and I couldn't have picked a better one, love it.


I usually stay away from  dating sims with a male protagonist and female love interests, but I decided to give this one a try and I'm so glad I did. First of all, the art is beyond gorgeous, the first thing  I noticed and what caught my attention. My personal favorite, in terms of art, is Nat. She looks nothing like what I've seen girls look in these dating sims. The fact that she has abs took me by surprise, but it was a very nice surprise. In terms of characters, I have so much faith in the writing. I thought Cain was going to be the typical stereotypical bully but he totally surprised me at the end. Lane and Evan already seem like such a complex and interesting characters, so I have a lot of faith for everyone else. In terms of romance, I think my favorite is and is going to be Ros. I have a major soft spot for bad girls who are shy when it comes to romance and she seems like that kind of person. 

Overall, the demo was fantastic and I enjoyed every bit of it. I can't wait for the game to come out!

One last thought though, would you ever consider possibly adding Evan as a love interest? I know these games usually have the best friend on the side which you can never date but I thought I'd add this as a suggestion. 


Seconded on Evan as a love interest and agree with your comment in full


I totally agree! This piqued my interest, and I honestly love Evan's character? I hope the devs consider on making him a potential LI, I like his and Lane's dynamics!


I am huge horror and dark story fan and I just couldn’t miss this tasty demo.  And I should say I liked it a lot. It was crazy and sometimes creepy, but very intriguing adventure that I really want to continue when the full version is released. I really liked the main character of the story. Sometimes I felt like he is my best friend. I’ve seen a whole bunch of characters in visual novels. But this guy is one of the best built up protagonists. All other aspects of this visual novel are also of the best quality: the music that makes you wondering what is going on here, the cute girls who are always up to something and fantastically picturesque backgrounds with powerful text make Student Union a great chance to experience intriguing school life with mystery and suspense!

I'm really hooked because of the artstyle! I'm looking forward for the full release of the game!



This reminds me of DDLC, except far more intriguing and catchy. I thought at first that it would be a typical romance, but when I saw Lane slap the shit out of Alice(GO LANE! Fuck her...I don't like her what with her snobbish, elitist holier than thou attitude), I knew that this will be damn good.

Natasha drew me in again with her completely unintentional cuteness and charm. And then I was brutally brought back to darkness when I watched the graphic visuals of Cain smashing the fingers of the vice-principal, and then her lying in a pool of her own blood at the end of the stairs.....Leaves you feeling awful.

The soundtrack meshes beautifully with the story, the plot is arresting and the characters do their job, in that you either absolutely love them or you absolutely despise them. I loved that Visual Novel Village didn't hold back on the graphic nature of the story, which is a welcome change from stale rom-coms.

I am now following Visual Novel Village on Twitter, where they provide some really cool updates.  Everyone should definitely try this out. I know that when it's released in full, I will play it for sure.


Ok I really REALLY can't wait for this finished game. I hope it comes out as soon as it can! I love visual novels but I am really picky about them lol, to the story, art, and dialogue. But this game, MAN it nails all three pretty flawlessly. Though I think this game has a slow start (which, nothing wrong with that, I like slow starts as long as you sock me in the stomach with a good story twist or something later). God this art is amazing and the way characters talk and the way things are described are so detailed and really brings you into the world of the game.

The ending of the demo made me so mad. The type of mad where I go "God dammit! Why did it have to stop THERE???" I wanted more! What a great twist. I thought this game was going to be a tiny thriller mystery, with some blood here and there, not creepy or wild at all but holy damn, this game made me shift in my bed and jump a bit sometimes. 

All in all, if you get a chance to play this demo. Play it. I sure as hell am going to play the crap out of it once it has a full release. 


story is amazing can't wait to see the finished game


Just wow.... Just  wow, the first hour of it got me hooked. Love the art, music, and characters  so far. The story is nice, I like the direction it's going. Got me surprised in my part, but this is good and you can see each character has their personalities and stuff going on. Mystery, drama, suspense, more! Just freaking incredible writing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCiiGNr365o&feature=youtu.be

1st hour of the demo. ^o^ 


I'll definitely be following this game into the future. Really hope the rest of development goes well because this demo is so awesome!


good characters


Loving the story so far!


Really liked the demo, very interesting story 


Just finished the demo and I am absolutely floored. Incredible artstyle, compelling dialogue, and an intriguing story that is beyond anything I expected. I highly recommend giving this demo a try-- you will not be disappointed. Enter the game with a strong stomach, and expect twists that aren't anything like you're assuming from the game's art style and cute overlay/music.

Visual Novel Village knocked it out of the park with this one, and I can't wait to see what comes next for Student Union.

Are You Gonna Buy it 


I love the story!! I cant wait for more of this




I have finished the Demo and Love the Story So far! I am now following on twitter for more updates to come! It has a lovely artstyle and great plot!, I can't wait to see how the story/characters develop overtime!