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UPDATE —  The Visual Novel Village Patreon is now live!


Lane is in trouble and needs work, ASAP.  At the kick-off of his final year of high school, he turns to asking the faculty for help.  The assistant principal Mr. Underwood recommends a unique solution: form and lead a student organization dedicated to the support and maintenance of the institution.  However, Lane must convince at least four other students to join the group before the end of the week.

Underneath this pretext he quickly learns the school administration is more sinister than it seems, that great danger lies within the school walls, and that the group he’s forming may be more necessary than he realized.

Your choices guide Lane through this dark drama and romance as shifting pressures form, strain, and shatter strong bonds.  Found a student government, recruit members, and struggle to maintain them in the face of unexpected challenges and danger.


  • Over 40 hours of gameplay
  • 5 - 7 character routes divided among major branching plot routes
  • Over 10 endings guided by player choice, and one hidden ending
  • Over 30 backgrounds and over 50 illustrations, each with multiple lighting and contextual variations
  • Over 50 original tracks in a two-disc OST
  • Optional 18+ content


This demo includes the first ~2 hours of the game, depending on your choices.   It demonstrates the thesis and provides a strong introduction to the major branching paths to come.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: This game demo is meant for a mature audience and includes strong language, tobacco use, and graphical/textual depictions of violence.  Player discretion is advised.

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what is the Name for the OTS ?

The story was so good. It's unfortunate that this will most likely end up as another scam😔

Did it have sex scene, for science purpose


the story was quite good. the ending was a nice turining point

though i have been seing the comments and wondering if we are gonna get the full thing soon..

(1 edit) (+1)

apparently , there was an update on their patreon a few days ago, but I can't read it. Does anyone know what this says behind the paywall about the games development? It looks a lot like a "heh, sorry guys, I've dropped the game" without full context.

Edit: removed typo


it's an update with sample CGs and sprite.

I'm surprised it still has donors tbh.


I've waited.. and waited.. it's been 4yrs now.. it's taking too damn long.. but I'll wait another 4yrs if I have to..

Incredible demo, especially the ending. Would love to see a continuation and expansion of different routes

dawn last uptade is from 2021, I am sad now 


Why does everyone act like the game is dead? They just said development is ongoing a few months ago. Why would it be dead now?


Revive the game🙏

tho its really dead, i think it has a really good story! i really wish it did end up coming back around :((


Despite this game being dead, I really enjoyed playing it! I play lots of dark/horror/murder mystery VNs, but this one was probably one of my favorites! It had a bit of a slow start, but DAMN that fight with the principle at the end...Just the idea that these two high school boys accidentally killed their principle. I'd love a continuation (if we ever did get one) but this game as a demo itself is sick!


Underrestimated deadlines or scale, dead silence in every social media aside discord., this is becoming of a yet another kickstarter scam

I'm starting to think Cain is the main villain and I feel pretty bad for both Lane & Principal Decker. 

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I've noticed this game hasn't been updated or any news for a while which is unfortunate cause I really enjoyed it. Did a Full Gameplay to the demo. Can't wait for the FULL RELEASE! 


Man, the song and dance one has to do to get any modicum of information on this game makes you think it's almost worth the effort. A dead Patreon, a barren Twitter and a comically elusive Discord server makes it practically impossible for people who are not "in the know" to keep track of this project, and it's a shame because, despite having played the demo over a year ago, the story still remains fresh in my mind. At the very least update this page with a link to the Discord, unless the underground, spoken in hushed whispers reputation is what the dev team is striving for.

https://t.co/4bDReNOtxN if you see this late and the link dont work go on  twitter the link is there twitter psge=(16) Visual Novel Village (@VillageNovel) / X (twitter.com)

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No updates, development or otherwise, since April 2023.

Author/creator/developer is unreachable on all platforms and no contact information is provided anywhere.

All Discord links are either invalid or expired.

The project is abandoned. Other than the hundreds of dollars that for some reason stupid people are still funneling into them on a Patreon that also hasn't been updated since early 2023.

NOTE: at some point last day or so the dev posted an update which is great news! I think some ppl assumed I was trying to get this thing cancelled by posting about this and that's just not true. Since the discord links have historically always been dead, or set to expire after a few days, I'm gonnaput a screenshot of the announcement here for proof. I'm updating this post and striking out the orginal because of this. Hopefully this is a good sign of more to come and more frequent updates to let us know about how it's going.

For now this is awesome news. It's not dead and may even see an update soon. And at least for now, user "Teashrock" did provide a Discord invite link in a response below -- https://discord.com/invite/M33kVpna

If you want to get updates from them in the future I would advize joining ASAP, I have no idea how long those invite codes actually last or if another one would be provided in the future.

Thank you!

""Todd, Friday, November 24, 2023

Hey, everyone. It's been some time since our last formal update, and I wanted to let you all know that Student Union's development remains ongoing, with renewed vigor. As we work to solidify an updated timeline, we may also be announcing a new member of the development team in coming months.

Thanks to everyone showing patience and kindness. I look forward to sharing more soon.""

Deleted 187 days ago
Deleted 111 days ago
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struck-out/edited as no longer relevant (see top parent comment above)

I love how you responded to tell us we're wrong, then proceed to share a discord link with no updates either, and literally an entire community full of people who are wondering what's going on too.

Thanks for sharing the invite link at least, but the game is dead and will continue to be dead unless and until the author brings it back to life. (Which he can't do without giving a fucking update.)






It will probably last 7 days.

Ayo bro send another inv 

Are those trash bags with ...!


I wanted dis to be a sex game


they'll make it into one if it ever fully came out

(2 edits)

As far as Im aware, R18+ content will be available as an optional download/addon for the game. As in, people who want it to be part of the game, can have it.

That could of course change, follow along with its development or ask in the Discord if you're curious further https://discord.com/invite/M33kVpna

(for the record I'm interested in it as well.)


The game is dead people, if they were still working on it they it wouldn't have hurt them to make an announcement, anyways I won't be spending my money anymore on this.


"I won't be spending my money anymore on this" The game is free tho. Did you make a donation to the developer ? If you did , then make sure you never repeat the mistake again (This applies to anybody else who reads this). It's best to not invest on games that weren't released since once the developer got the money they can just stop working on the game or something can happen resulting in the game never being released which means you wasted your money.

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They made a post April 2nd 2023 on patreon, and going through their Twitter they made a post in 2022 (I think) which had a that had a lewd cover on it so...


Just the demo alone made this one of my top visual novels. I always struggle to find a visual novel where the protagonist is a guy, it has good story, and there isn't lgbtq.


Completely agree with you dude, those butthole cultists are everywhere!


Do you have any recommendations? I'm looking for games of this type, but almost all of them are lgbtq.

(3 edits)

I recommend playing koko. Here's the link, since it's hard to search it up and find it. https:/l/eroraen.itch.io/koko

Hi would you be willing to resend the link, i cant find it!


Fate/Stay Night is a good VN

Is This game is the dead?


I’m thinking yes, even the Patreon hadn’t been updated since early 2023 (no idea what it said then).

oh ok thanks

No news on kickstarter, what happened?


No clue , but I'd recommend not getting your hopes up. This game, like many other demo games I know , has been under work for quite a while. I learnt from the other games that it's better to not care and just wait , since the developer might not have the money , the time or the energy to complete the game anytime soon. 

Yeah...I understand but it's so stressful having to wait that much that Kickstarter or indiegogo is a nono for me now...


so no updates ?? all i see is the September 2023 release date has been changed to a "TBA". which in Steam terms means not to expect it soon. 


Just wish nothing happened to the developer. I know some games which were never released , even with the "To be announced", because either the developer had financial problems (one case I know was due to covid ), health problems or even died. If by the end of next month you don't see it released I'm pretty sure you won't see it this year. I'm still waiting for an update to a game that was announced in 2018 and up to this day there's no sign from the developer.

does anyone know what day this is fully coming out


Game was pretty nice. I should check the descriptions since I DID NOT know it was dark.

Lesson learned. 


This was actually amazing, I think out of the games of this style that I've played, this one is the most well written. Its got good art and a captivating story. Idk when the full release is, but I am looking forward to it


Hi, this Visual Novel is good. But it seems Android port still in demo, if possible, when can I wait for Full version, when do you make Full version for Android?


Damn I'm still praying they update this one eventually cause I'm curious about the story!! 


Game got abandoned by the devs. Last update 2021?


last news was on April 2nd 2023 on Patreon, can't tell more as i don't have access to the post


it isn't,full game coming out in september 2023 you can see it in steam if you want proof


This comment aged like milk

we got scammed by the devs


It make senses as it's in ohio

this didn't age well


where can i get the full verson


Its still in development


Played it for the art stayed for the story.  Enjoyed the demo.


by the gods, how wrong I was of ignoring it thinking it as some porn lol

I mean if it was there would have been a warning lol

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I've seen this game around since like a year ago. And I'm kind of surprised that H-scenes were not planned for the game initially and were only a Kickstarter stretch goal. Cause the character designs and the previews scream "eroge" to me. I thought this must be a VN for dudes who like anime waifus. (I'm a girl) I wasn't gonna download the game until I saw the blood in the trailer. I would say you shouldn't think of this as an H-game cause it isn't intended as one. Even though it kind of looks like it.

Edit: I know I know the description says there is a sinister mystery but it's like a sinister mystery with a harem. It doesn't help that the poor vice principal is cropped out of the main picture (but if they didn't do that it would imply you can date him so I get why they did)

That's why PPL say don't judge a book by it's cover.

(1 edit)

There are still a high amount of romantic parts and some anime-like moments in the story, but the part that I didn't expect is that for the most part the characters' behavior reminds me of my HS classmates everyday behavior, rather than characters that are there for the player to date. Edit: or literary characters in a book


Wait theres h-scenes? I was just enjoying the story.


I mean in the full game, according to Kickstarter.


huh neat.


NGL I'm still waiting for the next part cause it got me thinking what happens next ?? lol

it ain't ever getting a next part or even getting fully done

Yeah that's the sad part getting abandoned 


STUNNING, detailed graphics! Extensive storyline. ;)


when is the full game coming out?


If you play the demo first can you continue on from the same save or do you have to restart?


I am very excited to see what happens next! Very interesting. I hope Evan will (or could be) a possible route, that would be pretty cool.

I'm looking forward to the full game, but the constant loading issues in the demo were kind of annoying to deal with, I don't know if it was just my computer, but it was common for the game to fail to load certain parts and get a white screen

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